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Whether you are starting a program within your healthcare system, launching a new obesity practice, or you have questions and need resources to treat patients with obesity within your current setting,  we are here to help!

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Karli Burridge, PA-C, MMS, FOMA

Work with an expert in the field!  Karli is an internationally recognized leader in the field of obesity medicine with over a decade of experience in obesity care. She has developed several successful obesity management programs in a variety of healthcare settings. She has authored numerous publications on obesity care, and she wants to help YOU help your patients living with obesity. 

Since launching Gaining Health in 2020, she has helped hundreds of clinicians get their obesity care programs off the ground more quickly and efficiently with her resources and support. You don’t have to re-create the wheel, and you don’t have to do it alone!

Join the Gaining Health Membership Community!

The Gaining Health Community is a membership program made specifically for clinicians who want to start or optimize a medical obesity management program or practice, or who want to add evidence-based obesity care to the services that they already offer their patients.

As a member, you will receive guidance on starting a program or practice, numerous resources and tools (including forms, templates, patient education materials, and a roadmap for starting a program), live virtual group coaching, exclusive discounts, as well as a community to support you and help you along the way. You don’t have to recreate the wheel, and you don’t have to do this alone!

Master Classes

View numerous recorded classes taught by obesity program experts on your own time!

Meet & Greet

Members meet up virtually with Karli and other members for live group coaching and support.

Community Chat

Ask questions and post resources in our Community Chat Forum.


Members receive exclusive discounts to  Gaining Health products and to products and services from our partner organizations!

Feedback from Members

“Karli’s information and guidance has been so incredible and informative as I negotiated the foreign waters of starting a new practice in obesity medicine! I honestly couldn’t have started my practice without her. “

Lisa Pinto

“I wish these resources and community had been available when I founded my clinic in 2009. They would have saved me from having to figure it out on my own and feeling all alone in the process. “

Sam Christensen

The Gaining Health Community Membership is all you need easily start your own medical weight  management program. Besides getting a roadmap for your program, you gain the knowledge to become an expert in evidence-based obesity medicine. The program and membership are priceless! Don’t reinvent the wheel! Karli is an expert in the field. Go for it, you WON’T be disappointed! 

Adrian Thompson

The Gaining Health Shop

The Gaining Health Shop saves you time and money starting your obesity care program!

Feedback from Clinicians

“This Provider’s roadmap equipped me with lots of good strategies and knowledge. Thank you again for publishing this very valuable healthcare provider’s roadmap.”

Olga S., DNP

“I LOVE the roadmap so much!! Karli is the BEST!”

Kristen S., PA-C

“My practice has been so much Happy Medicine with the use of all your resources. It is making my life so much better. I have also had so many patients with happy tears!”

Cortney White, FNP

“I just received my new patient hand outs and I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. Thank you! They are beautiful and SO informative!”

Allison C., NP

“Your book is a first-rate piece of work!”

Richard L., MD

The Gaining Health Podcast

Join host and obesity medicine specialist Karli Burridge as she shares the Gaining Health Podcast: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Obesity Medicine! Karli interviews experts, summarizes new treatment options, and shares recent articles focusing on obesity medicine.

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