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Tier 1

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  • Network, ask questions, and share resources with Karli and Gaining Health members in our private Community Chat groups
  • Live virtual group coaching: Connect with experts and Gaining Health members, learn about a variety of topics, ask questions, problem solve, and celebrate your wins during our weekly virtual Meet & Greets
  • Access to recorded Gaining Health Master Classes
  • Educate your patients on obesity pathophysiology, insulin resistance, and more with our exclusive Patient Education Videos
  • Free shipping within continental US (standard shipping) on Gaining Health products

Tier 2

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Digital Resource Bundle

Annual Membership


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Please note there is no access to the community support that is found in Tier 1 and Tier 2.


How long will it take for me to be approved once I sign up as a member?

Your membership will be reviewed and either approved or declined within 24-48 business hours.

Will I be notified when my application is accepted or declined?

Yes, you will receive an informing you if your membership has been accepted. Please add Gaining Health to your contacts and check your spam folder if you do not receive an email within 48 hours of your membership application.

Who can become a Gaining Health member?

Gaining Health is primarily geared towards clinicians working in obesity medicine. Physicians, Physician Associates, Nurse Practitioners, Dietitians, Exercise Physiologists, Psychologists, or other mental health professionals who are interested in obesity care may join as members.  Others involved in obesity program development, such as a program director or manager, may also join as members. Individuals who are looking to sell or promote their own products and services and who are not involved in obesity care or obesity program development, may be declined as members. Please see our privacy policy and terms of use for additional information.

I am a Tier 2 (annual) member. Where can I access my complementary Obesity Medicine Forms and Templates Bundle, and my digital copy of the book, Developing an Obesity Management Program, the Clinician’s Roadmap, and the Patient Education materials?

Tier 2 members can access the Obesity Medicine Forms and Templates Bundle and the e-book version of Developing an Obesity Management Program, the Clinician’s Roadmap, as well as all the Patient Education Materials under Digital Resources in the member section.

Where can I find information about times, dates, topics, and links for the live virtual group coaching?

All the information for the live virtual group coaching is found in the “Meet & Greet” section of the member area. Once logged in, click on Meet & Greet that you would like to attend, and it will give you additional information. It will even allow you to add the event to your calendar, so you won’t miss it!

What is the purpose of the Community Chat feature?

The Community Chat feature is a members-only forum that allows you to network, ask questions, and to share information with the community in an asynchronous fashion. It’s a great place to scroll through and look at questions that others may have, as they may be similar to yours! This is also a great place to find and post resources for developing your obesity program. The forums are divided into a variety of topics to make it easier to find the information. Simply click on the topic and ask your question or post your comments and/ or resources!

If you have further questions, please reach out to us via this contact form.